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Three Holes is a “blink-and-you-miss-it” village in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, depending on which side of the road you live.
It is at the junction of the Popham’s Eau and the Middle Level 16 Foot River, between Upwell and Welney on the A1101.
It includes the main road, Gooseberry Lane, Mumby’s (or Mumberries) Drove, Squires Drove, Middle Drove (which later changed to Mudds Drove after the family that lived there), Lotts Bridge and Flint House Drove.

The surrounding land consists of peat and silt and is one of the richest arable areas of England.

Three Holes has no architecturally important buildings, no church, graveyard, village square or cinema. It has a bridge and a weed-infested dyke – all that remains of the Old Croft River – the original drainage channel through the swamp and a lively community with a strong feeling for the land. The number of households on the electoral role in 1999 was 81.

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  • Greetings from San Antonio, Texas. My sister referred me to “Three Holes”. My mum and Dad, Fred and Freda Green moved to Poplar Tree Farm, Squires Drove (almost to the end- the Hartfords were past us) in 1949 along with their 5 daughters. It has been interesting to read about Nelson and Beulah Watson. They were witnesses at Downham Mkt. Registry Office when my sister Merle married in 1960. I remember attending Muriel (Mim)and Bill Williams wedding celebration at the Village Hall. I have many happy memories of the innocent days of youth residing in Three Holes. Catching the bus at the garage and off to Wisbech to the Rose and Crown to dance or cycling to Nordelph to catch the bus to Downham.

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