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Three Holes Village Hall

Function at the Village Hall with Nelson Watson in the foreground.

Function at the Village Hall with Nelson Watson in the foreground.

After the war, Arthur Johnson chaired a committee to raise money to build a village hall. Edna Dalton was secretary and Charles Martin, the treasurer. The fundraising was a great success and the Village Hall was completed in 1952.

The programme of the Three Holes Village Hall Opening Ceremony shows all the speeches. Mr A. S. Johnson was chairman, Annie Deptford of Wisbech opened the Hall, and Percy Crane gave her a vote of thanks.

At the back row is Abe Matthews, Bert Overland, and Hugh Beckett, the middle row is Lias Waterfield, E Rayner, H Forth, L Melton, and Nelson Watson is in the front.]

The Archdeacon of Wisbech (The Venerable SJA Evans led proceedings inside the Hall, and the Rev. J Leslie Bickley, the Methodist Minister, said prayers. Speeches were given by Mrs. Fred Hartley, Alderman F C Newling, JP from Terrington, Arthur Deptford JP and Alderman Walter Hunter Rowe JP.
Local children sang ‘Now is the Month of Maying’ and ‘Rounds and the Keeper’, accompanied by Mrs H S Walker. Other delights included an afternoon tea, a cricket match between Three Holes and Barroway Drove and a display by Upwell and Outwell Girls’ Life Brigade Band. At 7pm, there was a film show by Davis & Co. (Cambridgeshire) Ltd and at 8.30pm events relaxed with modern and old time dancing. Purrell’s Radio attended all day and floodlighting was organised by Evans & Son Ltd.

Betty Hunt and Les Watkinson held the first wedding reception in the Village Hall in August 1952 and Audrey Watson and Stuart Carnson held their reception there 4 months later.

The Hall was used for weddings, dances, the Women’s Institute, bingo, dancing classes, social parties and a welfare clinic every second Wednesday of the month. The Methodist Church held the Anniversaries, Harvest Supper and Christmas Fêtes there.

Hugh Beckett chaired a small committee, which ran the hall for many years. John Chapman then took over. Wedding receptions are still held there, while the regulars include the Bowls Indoor Group, the Oddfellows and the Three Holes Acorn Group.

Function at the Village Hall

Dinner to cebrate 75 years of the Womens Institute

Dinner to cebrate 75 years of the Womens Institute

This dinner with husbands and friends was to commemorate 75 years of the Women’s Institute. Back row, Rita Cuss, Doreen Buller, Irene Forth, Lorna Lunn, Priscilla Davies, Daphne Bell, Muriel Buller. Behind Doreen Buller, Betty Walton and behind her Elizabeth Hager.
THE NEXT ROW, Green, Jean Frost, Janet Ward, Hilda Beckett, Carole Connor, Audrey Rodwell, Audrey Carnson, front, Lillian Warby, Betty Dorling, Edna Dalton, Beatrice Crampton, Beulah Watson and Gladys Forth.]

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