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Houses in Three Holes

Council houses in Three Holes
Council houses in Three Holes

Across the fields to the council houses in Three Holes

The council houses

The first eight houses were built before 1920, for returned First World War soldiers. The others were built by the then Marshland Rural District Council around the 1930s. Similar houses in Outwell have 1934 written on the wall.

Rallingham Hall

Rallingham or Rollingham Hall, down Mumby’s Drove, was bought by Arthur Deptford in 1916. Previously it had belonged to Herbert Cole, and his father, Joe Cole, before him.

Joseph Cole was born in Welney in 1840, and in 1881 (according to the 1881 census) was a farmer of 146 acres down Mumbies Drove. He employed five men and two boys. His wife Hephzibah and their children Albert P, (aged 10), Herbert V, (aged 7), and Annie B, (aged 9) were all born in Mildenhall in Suffolk. Their servant was Emma Brace, aged 18 from Stone, Cambridge.

One of Thomas Forth’s daughters married a Turner and they lived at Rallingham Hall before Arthur Deptford moved in.

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