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Stubble field and windfarm
Mr Knight riding his bull

Mr Knight riding his bull

Mr Knight farmed at the top of Gooseberry Lane – Fred Hills took over later. When Mrs Knight died, my great grandmother Maria (Ria) Watson promised she would look after him, which she did until he died. She did not do housework for herself but she kept his home spotless!
This is one of the pictures from Raymond Allen.
During Mr Knight’s time in Three Holes, Mr Day farmed at Paradise farm – a local saying was “only Squires Drove separates Night from Day!”

Three Holes farmers in 1937 included Jn. Hy. Bliss, Hugh Davies, Thomas Duffin, John Thomas Forth, Sydney Forth, Frank Hartley and Fred Hartley. Arthur Deptford, Percy Crane, Arthur Stanley Johnson at London Lode Hall, Walter Brownlow Ward, at Polar Farm and John Walton West had more than 150 acres each. John West had about 1000 scattered acres overall and employed many local men. He farmed at Flint House, on Flint House Road, Mudds Drove, where crouch is now, Reed Fen Farm (which is now J&P Hartley) and lived and farmed at Croft House (where George West lives now). He was apparently a good farmer and very well liked.

Small holders in 1937 included Rt Foster Dalton, Fred Hills, George Duffin, Thomas David Lister, Albert Matthews, Edward Stacey and William Wenn. These are all listed in Kelly’s Directory of 1937.

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