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Who am I?

I am a vet who started off in general practice, moved to Australia, and then got sidetracked into a career in medical as well as horse research. After following my husband around Australia for a good many years, I realised that research wasn’t very mobile, so I started a medical writing company, that is now AMJ Focus Pty Ltd.

During all of this, I kept my links with friends and family in England by becoming more and more obsessed with searching the family tree. Somehow I managed to track down some wonderful family skeletons, and in the process have made relationships that I would never have thought possible.
The results of much of my research have mouldered on a bookshelf for years, so it is time to pass it, and its associated stories, on for others to enjoy.

My plan is to generate discussion, and if the stories that came from the book publication are anything to go by, I should succeed in this at least.
Three Holes Portrait of a fen village

How the book started: Three Holes, Portrait of a fen village

I started this website after my Mum Audrey Carnson and her friend Rita Cuss organised four talks and a display on the local history of Three Holes. This was for a Millennium Year 2000 project for the local Acorn Club. In a rash moment, I volunteered to write it up (I imagined a page or two) if someone felt like taking notes. Somehow, this was translated as: “Anne is writing a book on Three Holes.”

The idea spread, and finally documents, photographs and amazing historical bits and pieces appeared for what turned out to be an event called Three Holes: portrait of a village. Over 100 people visited the displays in the afternoon and the same number in the evening. The Fens list on the internet brought in family historians from Wales, California and Australia. The couple of pages I was expecting turned out to be several large boxes, including tapes of the talks.

I then had the job of putting all together to make the book, “Three Holes, Portrait of a Fen village.”

Many of the stories here are a remembered history. I have tried to include original sources where possible, such as the censuses and the county directories, as these give more clues about people and occupations.

It is a work in progress so I invite you to add comments on the pages, especially if you have stories to add, but also if you notice errors or omissions.

It is not only about Three Holes, but about all the links of the families that came from that area – it also includes Welsh, Australian, Irish, US and Canadian cousins, with more appearing daily!

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